Adore Us Babies -bunny

Welcome to the AUB Family

Adore Us Babies is a Swedish company who believe in making the world a better place. We know that we have big dreams but we all know that is where real change starts.

With the big dreamers, shakers and believers.

Instead of focusing on cheap label and toxic material - we offer products made of quality and fair conditions. Then we design those in a very stylish and edgy way.

Why affiliate marketing?

Investing in traditional marketing like everyone else or create an opportunity for women?

The answer was easy for our founder Sara - Mother of 2.

Sara experienced herself how limited she suddenly got when she became a mother since the father of her children had a stronger economy than her.

The idea of offering an opportunity to women and to increase their freedom and income was born.

One of our many bonuses and rewards is 20% on every order thanks to your recommendations.
On top of it all - you are also shopping with a generous discount on all your favorites in the shop.

What do you represent?

You can feel proud over representing our brand.

Our clothes are classy with an edge, durable and certified organic.
Our wire words are unique and are supporting street artists in South Africa.
Our posters are printed in Sweden and trees are being planted to compensate. (FSC-Certified)

We design with the mission of inspiring our children towards a greater self-esteem.

With our design we encourage them to be who they are - exactly as they are.

Sara herself have been experiencing the consequences of mental illness and are truly passionated to increase awareness and prevention in the early stage of life.

Our Team Family

We believe that you are a positive and driven woman who wants to grow financially and mentally. In our family we cheer on each other and celebrate our achievements together!

Our goal is that you - during your time in our family will be inspired to create freedom in your life.

You can feel certain that our team has the knowledge that is needed to succeed. The founder has herself over 12 years of experience within sales, marketing, and leadership. You will be guided by our team leaders and family members.

What is your job?

We all want a great looking home and our children needs clothes - our job is to help parents to make a better choice when it comes to their spending.

Your job is to bring awareness to potential customers that we are here and that we are something else. We want to make a difference and inspire parents to choose a better alternative.

We are always searching for new leaders -
Show us what you got and we are happy to take you to the next level!